Classes at Macomb

Your Classroom Experience

It’s what we do best!

所有 memorable learning experiences start in the classroom, whether that classroom is in a brick-and-mortar building or virtual environment.

We put a lot of thought into your classroom experience! So, from your first class to last, you can expect to find dedicated faculty, relevant coursework and meaningful discussions.

Whether you're a first-time or returning college student, a 旁听生 from another college or university, intending to transfer, interested in a fast track to employment or trying to decide on a major, we invite you to explore all the courses we offer - from accounting to welding.

申请后, you'll be able to access Student Planning, a registration tool that you'll find on the student portal, and register for your classes at the dates, time and locations that best suit your unique needs.

Additional Information

Register for a year’s worth of classes!

To help ensure you get the classes you need when you need them, we offer Multiple Semester Registration. Register for an entire academic year of classes each March.

Tuition won't be due until right before the start of each individual semester and our Tuition Payment Plan can spread your payments out over two to three months. 

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Still have questions? We’re here to help! 联系 或拨打586.445.7999 and select 招生.